Femme Collective

Femme Collective

The Femme Collective is a blog started by myself and a few friends of my femme meetup group. I’m still getting the hang of this blogging thing, but I hope to write alot about sexuality in a way that is engaging to the femme communities.

My main goal is to make a place for like-minded women to support each other and listen.  At our meetup, we have coffee, and chat about everything and anything.  We’re all femme and great conversationalists.  We’re always talking about the femme experience as it relates to sexuality, relationships, business, and the arts.  Everyone is welcome! Feel free to bring a friend to the group!

Some topics from our recent conferences and femme events we are trying to spread awareness about.

Entrefemmeurs – The future of business is femme!  Women from the femme community are known for starting their own progressive and out-of-the-box businesses.  People from our collective are responsible for starting some very cool shops, from everything to cafes with abstract music, to sex shops that only sell sex toys to women.  At a recent femme con in Pennsylvania I was really inspired by the speech of Lynn Greene, a femme blogger, who’s style is the main inspiration of this site.

Femmesuality – When it comes to sexuality, we have an amazing world of possibilities to explore.  More and more sex shops are popping up that are sex educational and not just for profit.  There are companies like fun factory that make products that don’t only feel good, but are also very elegant and beautiful.

Entrefemmeurs, The Venus, and How Women Took Back The Dildo

I was doing some digging looking for dildos the other day when I read a bit about the first non-phallic dildo, the venus.  I guess before the venus dildo was created in the 80s, all dildos looked veiny and realistic.  The Venus was then created out of necessity by feminists who needed something more feminine and beautiful.  The Venus was wavvy, colorful, and made of a nice medical-grade material called silicone.  Now most of the best dildos are non-phallic and we have the entrefemmeurs of the 1980s to thank for it!  That article also talks about BS-Atelier, which i’m now totally in love with.  It’s a dildo company in Spain run by three feminists who have their degrees in fine arts.  They are the fully blooming flower of what the venus dildo started.