September 2018 was the busiest meetup we’ve had so far! In a few weeks we’ve grown from 6 members to 11.  The future is looking very femme.  We had a guest speaker from the womyn’s shop in nearby Vancouver.  She discussed vibrators and the importance of using safe sex toys with your partners.  In some femme relationships people have been known to get chemical burns from cheap toys they bought online.  Knowledge is power, so the more knowledge we have about sex the better it get’s, which i’m all for.

We also discussed the local news including the Kavanaugh case that is going on right now.  Steph Volbert, one of our founding members is currently at the white house protesting!  As terrible as the politics are in this country right now, it’s important to keep fighting to keep things equal and fair for everyone!  For news and the schedule of further meetups visit the homepage for the link to the signup group.