Points Of Unity

Prepared by the 2012 Femme Conference Steering Committee

The Femme Conference Points of Unity Statement is intended to make this event a supportive, non-threatening environment.

I. We enter this space with a commitment to mutual respect, mutual aid, anti-oppression,

advocacy, conflict resolution, non-violence, direct democracy, and community building.

II. We respect everyone’s names, preferred gender pronouns, expressed identities, and

experiences. We avoid making assumptions, promote mutual appreciation, and understand

that no one is required to share information about their identities or experience(s).

III. We support the empowerment of each person and strive to continually acknowledge the

histories and structures of oppression that marginalize some and divide us all.

IV. We commit to making spaces as accessible as possible; physically, socially, and personally.

V. We do not engage in violence or threats.

VI. We obtain explicit consent for physical touch or using others’ belongings.

VII. We recognize that certain behavior can be triggering for individuals, such as trivializing or

dismissing someone’s thoughts or experiences.

VIII. We commit to hearing each other and creating opportunities for all voices to be heard.

IX. We accept a shared responsibility where we hold ourselves and one another accountable to

these agreements, without violence, judgment, or assumption of intent.

X. We encourage open minds and open hearts. We do not assume the intentions of others in

order to foster a non-judgmental and accessible environment.

XI. We promote inclusive learning spaces. We encourage anyone who is feeling less than

familiar with terminology, concepts, or context to ask questions in the spirit of personal growth.